About Us

Gagliardi Gallery, located in the heart of Chelsea on the King’s Road.

With over 40 years on the King’s Road, Gagliardi Gallery is one of the most established contemporary art galleries in London, providing stunning, original works of art to clientele from across the globe. 

Each year, our gallery meticulously frames works of art presented by our resident artists in order to both compliment as well as capture the essence of their work of art. As we carry extensive experience in professional framing, Gagliardi Gallery has chosen to extend our services to the public to offer a bespoke framing service with a remarkable and extensive frame selection sure to compliment any work of art, with the standard exceptional customer service and craftsmanship that has been associated with the Gagliardi name for decades and has made Gagliardi Gallery one of the most reputable, trusted galleries in the Arts community. 

A frame is often an integral element in what one subconsciously considers when evaluating why they first fell in love with a work of art or why they initially found it so striking and absorbing. Conversely, an unsatisfactory frame may be inhibiting your ability to truly appreciate a piece. Whether it be reframing an old piece to unleash its potential or the exciting first frame of a brand new work of art, Gagliardi Gallery’s framing service is here to offer a wide range of frames to suit any aesthetic vision or creative direction an individual may have for the work they wish to get framed.

Additionally, with often steep costs and long waiting periods discouraging individuals from seeking framing services, Gagliardi Gallery is pleased to offer our canvas stretching and framing services at an extremely reasonably price to ensure any work of art you possess is absolutely perfect.